Outcomes of consultation and key council decisions

Our consultation process for the long term plan

The council has always asked for community input into planning. In the past, this has been done by inviting people to look at the full draft long term plan.

This council wanted to make it easier for people to get involved. Also, just recently the laws around how councils develop their plans have been revised. All councils now have to use a consultation document to explain to their communities the key aspects of their plans and ask people for their views.

We produced the FutureKāpiti consultation document to describe our vision, present the key initiatives and major projects we had determined and state the rates increases we were proposing.


Community feedback

The consultation process ran from late March to late April 2015 and public hearings were held in May. Many people took the time to provide feedback at open days and meetings, through our Facebook page and by making submissions. We received 479 written submissions and 78 people spoke at hearings.

The majority of submitters supported the proposals outlined in the consultation document and councillors confirmed the key initiatives and major projects for inclusion in the long term plan.

Note: the costs shown include inflation so they are not the same as those in the consultation document.


Council decisions

Key initiatives


Paraparaumu and Waikanae town centres – we will transform these two town centres to take advantage of the building of the expressways. The different projects that make up this work will be undertaken in stages to minimise disruption, with full completion by 2028. Further consultation with key stakeholders will be undertaken during the detailed design phase. Cost – $40.9 million.



Te Ātiawa Park courts – we will completely rebuild the existing courts in 2015/16 to meet the needs of both netball and tennis users in the medium to long term. Cost – $975,000.



Ōtaki pool – we will future proof the pool – re-roofing, recladding and improving the interior including disability access. Cost – $3.9 million. We will build a splash pad next to the pool – entry will be free. Cost – $510,800. Both projects will start in 2015/16 with the bulk of the work to be done in 2016/17.



Performing arts facility – we will invest in the Kāpiti College performing arts centre, subject to an appropriate agreement about the community use of the centre. We will revisit the development of a community events facility as part of the next long term plan. Cost – $1.6 million towards the Kāpiti College centre with work undertaken in 2016/17; $20.8 million set aside for 2028-31 for an events facility.


Major projects

  • We will replace the Paekākāriki sea wall with a concrete, timber and rock wall – to a design agreed with the Paekākāriki community. This work will be done between 2016 and 2020, beginning in late 2016. Cost – $10.9 million.
  • We will redevelop the Raumati pool building as a multipurpose community facility to be up and running by 2020. Cost – $1.3 million.
  • We will upgrade the Waikanae Library and partially fund the upgrade of the Mahara Gallery (subject to the Gallery Trust’s own fundraising contributing to the project). The library and gallery upgrade is phased over three years to be complete in 2018/19. Cost – $9.3 million.
  • We will finalise the development plan for Otaraua Park and begin implementation over the next two years. Cost – $101,000.
  • We will provide a youth development centre offering districtwide activities progressively over the next three years. Cost – $946,000.
  • We will assess earthquake-prone buildings over five years starting in 2015/16. (We are required to do this by law). Cost – $2.6 million.


Rates and services

Council confirmed the rates increases proposed in the consultation document: an average of 4.2% for 2015/16 and an average of 3.3% over the 20 years of the plan. All services will continue to be delivered as currently.

You can find how the rates increase applies to your property on the council website. There is also information about our rates remission policy in the Supporting information document.


Other requests and issues raised

A number of organisations made funding requests through the consultation process and we approved funding for some. This expenditure is built into the community facilities and community support budget.

Some submissions were about topics not included in the consultation document. We agreed some key issues would be explored in activity management plans or policy development or considered for future annual plans. For example, we will develop local outcome statements beginning with Waikanae Beach in 2015/16. We will also draft a facilities strategy to guide our future investment in community facilities from meeting rooms to parks and reserves. Council also decided to increase the strategic land purchase fund by $2.1 million over the first 5 years of the plan.