Our plan on a page

This diagram shows the key elements of our long term plan and we describe it as our ‘plan on a page’.

The council began its development of the long term plan by determining a strategic direction for the future of our Kāpiti coast district that would guide all our decisions.


Community input

We set up a community reference group comprising a cross-section of representatives from the community to help define the outcomes that we should seek to achieve and what we need to focus on to get there. Our three Kāpiti iwi also had input into developing the outcomes.

This process identified issues people believed we should be taking into account in our planning for the future. The key issues were: stimulating the local economy and helping create different types of employment, supporting families, and catering for all ages and abilities within the district.


Meeting the challenges identified

As shown on the plan on a page, we grouped the challenges the district faces into the four broad areas of: resilience, connectedness, growth and affordability.

Meeting those challenges is directly reflected in the outcomes we defined: creating a thriving economy, vibrant culture and diverse community as our overall vision – with specific outcomes to build a resilient community, wisely manage public money, encourage community participation and nurture our partnerships.

We then identified the ways in which the council as an organisation needed to operate to help achieve these outcomes. The areas we are focusing on are lifting council performance across the board, concentrating on our delivery of core services, and enhancing the way we interact with the community. We want this to embrace all our dealings – from the services our staff provide every day, to the formal consultation we undertake on important issues.


Taking action to achieve our outcomes

Having identified where we wanted to take the district, we looked at how the council could work towards our vision of a vibrant, diverse and thriving Kāpiti.

The plan on a page shows how the challenges flow to the focus areas, and, through our delivery of activities and services, help lead to achievement of our outcomes.

The plan highlights the key initiatives that we proposed through the FutureKāpiti consultation and which we will progress through this long term plan. (These are detailed in the previous section – Outcomes of consultation and key council decisions.)


Managing our finances to support our direction

Through this process, we also developed our financial strategy to ensure we could afford to deliver on our goals. Our financial approach is shown in the plan on a page underpinning our strategic direction. In deciding our financial strategy, we were mindful of the four challenges identified with the community reference group and particularly the issues of growth and affordability. The limits set by the financial strategy have enabled us to keep our rates increase modest. (There is more information about the financial strategy in the Financial overview section.)


Reporting on our progress

In future, we will use the plan on a page to report to the community on how we are progressing with our key initiatives and our overall progress towards the outcomes.