Creating FutureKāpiti

I am very pleased to be introducing this summary of our long term plan for the next 20 years. FutureKāpiti – our long term plan for 2015–35 will help us achieve our shared vision of a vibrant, diverse and thriving district. One of the goals we have set ourselves as a council is to enhance engagement with the community. Producing this summarised version of the plan is part of that.


Development plus modest rates increase

The plan will see our council delivering on the four key initiatives and six major projects we set out in the FutureKāpiti consultation document. We are keeping the rates increases at the level we consulted on – an average of 4.2% for the 2015/16 year, and an average of 3.3% over the next 20 years. We will be maintaining all the services council currently provides.


Community support evident

In the consultation process to help council determine the plan, we received nearly 500 submissions.

While people had different perspectives and raised some other issues, we got the sense most people feel we’re striking the right balance – promoting initiatives that will enable us to improve our district, but not spending beyond our means or pushing up debt levels.

In the next couple of pages, you’ll find details of the key initiatives we’ve included in the plan from our consultation process. These initiatives are on top of other projects already underway and all the council’s day-to-day work. You’ll find highlights of our overall work programme and a summary of how much they’re costing, in the activities and services section of this booklet.


Council’s focus on the future

At the time council agreed the plan, we had learned that the Wellington regional amalgamation proposal was not going ahead. There will likely be some further consideration of the relationship between the different councils in the region in the future, but in the meantime the situation is unchanged. This council will continue to work actively for the best interests of the Kāpiti district and I believe our plan strongly underpins that direction.

mayorThe most significant thing for me as mayor is that I see our long term plan plan giving life to the aspirations of our community, including our iwi partners. Kāpiti people are highly motivated to contribute to the development of our district and I look forward to continuing to engage with all the different communities and groups who call Kāpiti home as we work together to achieve our vision.