Our activities and services

In this section, is high level information about our work programme for the 20 years to 2035 with a focus on the next three years.

We organise our work in the community into four clusters:

Ico Infra

Ico Community

ommunity Services

Ico Planning

Planning and Regulatory services

Ico Governance

Governance and tāngata whenua

In each cluster, there are a number of specific services and activities. The full plan sets out: what we do, why we do it and the challenges we face; our key pieces of work for the next three years; how we will pay for our activities; and how we will measure the effectiveness of what we’re doing. There is a detailed table of the costs of each activity across the 20 years which corresponds to our financial statements. The following section gives an outline of that information.

Most costs for support services (corporate) are built into activities, with some identified separately such as capital spending for information technology. Corporate costs are shown in our Supporting information document (in the Activity reconciliation and the Detailed schedule of capital spending).