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Regulatory services – ratonga whakaritenga

Council provides regulatory services to ensure Kāpiti is a safe, healthy environment. Regulatory services covers a range of public health, safety and building requirements, environmental health, food safety, animal control, noise management, alcohol licencing, resource consents, designations and compliance.


Key activities in the first three years of this plan

Continue to explore opportunities to enhance customer experience though an open for business approach
Explore, investigate and implement technology options for our services including mobile technology, online applications and camera technology to improve the service to our customers. This may include working with other councils exploring opportunities for shared services
Develop and implement local approved product policy. Work in this area has commenced, including initial mapping of sensitive sites and potential areas around those
Compose and implement local alcohol policy
Review the framework to prioritise sectors for compliance
Commence and progress the earthquake-prone buildings assessments
Develop and implement environmental monitoring strategy
The expressways projects will directly increase the workload of the resource consents, compliance and building teams. It is expected that the increase of required resources will be funded by NZTA. However, this may have further implications on resources particularly in the building control area
Review LIMs, fees, hazardous substances and new organisms, public information and bylaws and associated policy.


Contribution to outcomes

  • We provide efficient and effective regulatory services
  • We will retain Building Consent Authority accreditation and substantively comply with statutory timeframes.


We plan to spend an average per year of $9.9 million on operations for regulatory services.


Regulatory services planning consents inspecting building sites