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Planning and regulatory services

Many of the matters that Kāpiti people deal with the council on are delivered through planning and regulatory services.

This cluster of services covers districtwide planning including the preparation of the comprehensive district plan which governs the development of the Kāpiti coast.

Importantly for our district, this area also looks at the review of coastal hazards.

Through our regulatory services, the council issues resource consents to ensure building and development work is in line with legislation and the provisions of our district plan. In this long term plan, we will be carrying out the assessment of earthquake-prone buildings that is required by new legislation.

Key day-to-day activities include registering dogs and following up noise complaints. Many of our compliance functions are determined by law, but are part of the way we contribute to community wellbeing. For example, we make sure the community is safe with inspection and licencing and audit of food and alcohol suppliers.

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