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Water – Wai

The council is responsible for providing safe drinking water for the community and a water supply for commercial and industrial enterprises and fire-fighting.


Key activities in the first three years of this plan

Gather more information on the condition and performance of the pipe network and particularly our critical assets. Due to climate change, the water table is rising and this will slowly reduce the life of the network
Review and plan for the renewal of the Waikanae water treatment plant – 2015/16
Start the renewal of the clarifier to improve water treatment – 2018/19. This will mean we can defer filter upgrades to 2023/24
Continue water conservation initiatives including leak detection and repair
Improve our understanding of the condition and performance of our pipelines and use that knowledge to prioritise our renewal of assets.


Contribution to outcomes

  • We provide a continuous potable water supply that meets New Zealand drinking water standards
  • We encourage the sustainable use of potable water and aim to reduce water loss from our water network.


We plan to spend an average per year of $11.8 million on operations and $4 million on capital work for water


Water Reservoir Waikanae