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Wastewater – wai para

Council provides wastewater (sewerage) infrastructure that protects public health and the natural environment and provides service for Waikanae, Paraparaumu, Raumati and Ōtaki.


Key activities in the first three years of this plan

Continue Paraparaumu wastewater treatment plant works including:
– dissolved air flotation renewal in 2015/16
– treatment plant capacity and condition study in 2015/16
– initiation of treatment plant discharge consent renewal works in 2015/16
Commence investigation into inlet work screens renewals
Complete Waikanae duplicate rising main staged works in 2018/19
Commence implementation of the biosolids strategy in 2015/16
Improve condition information held for pipes and pumping stations
Reconfigure the Paraparaumu wastewater network to improve network performance in 2015/16
Commence Ōtaki wastewater treatment plant upgrade as a result of consent renewal.


Contribution to outcomes

  • Our wastewater system management practices ensure that we respond efficiently and effectively to wastewater system blockages, faults and overflow issues
  • We comply with our resource consent conditions and our receiving natural environments are not damaged by effluent discharge and are enhanced where possible.


We plan to spend an average per year of $11.2 million on operations and $3.5 million on capital work for wastewater.

Wastewater Management