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Stormwater – wai āwhā

Council provides a stormwater system to manage surface water run-off from the district’s urban catchments while protecting the receiving environment, ensuring water quality and reducing risks from flooding.


Key activities in the first three years of this plan

Commence and complete the upgrade to the Ōtaki beach pump station with the construction of a replacement pump station and upgraded gravity system during 2015/16
Commence and complete Tilley Road, Paekākāriki upgrade, due to undersized stormwater pipe system in the Tilley Road/Clarkes Crescent area, in 2015/16
Commence design stage in 2015/16 and complete works in 2016/17 for upgrading the pump station in Charnwood Grove, Waikanae
Commence and complete Kena Kena pump station upgrade in 2017/18
Complete discharge consent renewal during 2015/16 and carry out water quality work as required
Commence and complete gravel extraction project at Waikākāriki in 2015/16
Complete stormwater catchment management plans and perform a condition assessment of the stormwater network in 2015/16.


Contribution to outcomes

  • We minimise risks to human life and health from flooding by responding efficiently and effectively to flooding issues and we maintain, repair and renew major flood protection and control works
  • We comply with our resource consent conditions and our stormwater systems do not harm the downstream receiving environment.


We plan to spend an average per year of $5.9 million on operations and $4.5 million on capital work for stormwater.


Stormwater Systems