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Access and transport – putanga me te waka

Council aims to enhance community connectedness through a well-planned transport system that allows for the reliable, efficient and safe movement of people and goods. This is critical to residents’ quality of life and a thriving economy.


Key activities in the first three years of this plan

Resurfacing roads
Work on local area connector roads including revocation works to SH1
Upgrading major community connector roads including a new link road between Ngarara Road and Nga Manu to better connect with the expressway
Carrying out minor improvement projects on local roading over and above renewals.


Contribution to outcomes

  • Our transport network allows for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods
  • Our transport network is affordable and reliable and users can easily get around the district by their preferred means.


We plan to spend an average per year of $14.5 million on operations and $5.8 million on capital work for access and transport.

 Access and transport upgrades