The council has a wide range of responsibilities and we provide a variety of services to the Kāpiti community. To direct our activities and ensure we manage our budget and ratepayers’ money responsibly, we work to detailed plans.



Our overarching plan is the long term plan which covers 20 years. We develop a long term plan every three years (and an annual plan in the other two). FutureKāpiti – Long term plan 2015–35 is a blueprint for our direction and shows how council intends to contribute to our vision of a vibrant, diverse and thriving Kāpiti.

This is a summary of the plan. You can view the full plan on our website or read a hard copy at any of the district libraries. The strategies and polices that supplement the plan are in a Supporting information document also online and at the libraries.


Table of Contents:

Contents Setting our direction

Creating FutureKāpiti: foreword from the mayor 

Tāngata whenua vision for Kāpiti

Outcomes of consultation and key council decisions

Our plan on a page


Delivering our long term plan 

Chief executive's overview

Financial overview 


Our activities and services



Access and transport

Coastal management 



Solid waste

Community services

Economic development

Community facilities and community support

Parks and open space

Recreation and leisure

Planning and regulatory services

Districtwide planning

Regulatory services

Governance and tāngata whenua


Our finances